Pizza Slice Chorizo, 151 g vegan vegetarisch

Pizza Slice Chorizo, 151 g

07.04.2017 / 00:00

pre-proofed dough, covered with chorizo-salami, paprika, onions and spicy-hot cheese

Item No.: 3043

Baking Instructions:
Bake the frozen pizza-slices for approx. 13 - 15 min. in a preheated convection oven at 170°C. The exact time depends upon the particular oven used.




Weight per item:

151 g

Weight PU:

5780 g

Packing units:

36 pieces (3 bags x 12 pieces)

Cases per pallet:

80 (2880 pieces)

Best before date:

180 days


WHEAT flour, water, cheese 13% (MILK, salt, starter culture, tomato granulate, chilis, microbiological rennet, preservative: E250; colour: E160b), tomato sauce 12% (water, tomato powder, sugar, modified starch, iodized salt, dextrose, starch, seasoning (rape, corn), spices, acid: E330; herbs, rape seed oil, paprika extrakt), chorizo-salami 6% (pork, bacon, pickling salt (salt, preservative: E250), dextrose, spices, glucose syrup, spices extracts, antioxidant: E301, E392; flavouring, smoke), paprika marinated 5% (paprika, rape seed oil, sugar, spice extracts), onions marinaded 5% (onions, rape seed oil, sugar, spice extracts), yeast, vegetable oil preparation (vegetable oil (palm, sunflower), palm fat, emulsifier: E322, E471), palm fat, iodized salt, sugar, raising agent: E450i, E500; emulsifier: E481, E472e; dextrose, rape seed oil, flour treatment agent: E300, enzymes (amylases, xylanases)
Can contain traces of soya, egg, fish, celery and mustard.

Nutritional values

Average nutritional values per 100 g*:


1186 kJ/ 283 kcal


12,6 g

of which saturates

6,5 g


29,6 g

of which sugars

4,9 g


3,1 g


11,3 g


1,89 g

*The nutritional values refer to the baked product