Spotlight on Ditsch

How is pretzel dough made into pretzel confectionery or pretzel sticks? What is the best way to give pretzels a light Mediterranean-style or hearty, savoury filling or topping? The answers to these and more are provided by our training films and recipes – and afterwards, you will have the chance to create delicious snacks quickly and easily with Ditsch pretzels. For greater diversity in your product range.

Well worth a try

Even in their simplest form, Ditsch products are second to none – and with our new presentation ideas, you can rediscover the culinary variety that Ditsch has to offer. A little inspiration is all you need to conjure up creative snacks with new ideas for fillings and toppings. Your creativity and our premium products are a winning combination that will keep your guests coming back for more.

Pretzel Burger „BBQ“

Pretzel Burger Bun with patty and BBQ-Sauce

Pretzel Burger „Spring Fantasy“

Pretzel Burger Bun with patty, tomato salsa and grilled pepper

Pretzel Baguette Roll
„Exotic Touch“

Pretzel Baguette Roll with roast chicken breast and fruity chilli cream

Pretzel Baguette Roll „Summertime“

Pretzel Baguette Roll with baked/grilled cheese and fig and honey mustard

Pretzel Stick „Mediterranean Dream“

Pretzel Stick with smoked salmon and fig and honey mustard

Pretzel Stick „Italian Style“

Pretzel Stick Caprese style with tomato, mozzarella and pesto

Pretzel Triangle „Bavarian“

Pretzel Triangle with slices of cold meatloaf and coleslaw

Pretzel Triangle „Mountain Star“

Pretzel Triangle with hearty mountain cheese and salad garnish

Sesame Seed Pretzel „Gourmet Love“

Sesame Seed Pretzel with camembert and fruity cranberry sauce

Sesame Seed Pretzel „Orient Express“

Sesame Seed Pretzel with humous and pepper

One dough, two snacks

Did you know that you can create a variety of delicious snacks using our pre-proved pretzel stick?