Taking a stance against hunger!

Taking a stance
against hunger!

Taking a stance against hunger!

Feeling peckish while out and about?

How about a freshly baked Ditsch pretzel, straight out of the oven? Or a hot, tasty pizza? We have something to satisfy every appetite, big or small, even vegetarian and vegan. With, of course, a hot or cold drink of your choice.

Because baking has been our passion since 1919, we are constantly thinking up new variations. Drawing inspiration from the culinary trends of the moment, we aim to spoil our customers with the sheer diversity of our product range. But one tradition remains firmly in place: that of providing people with fresh, uncomplicated and tasty snacks for their busy lives.

You don’t have to look for long to find a Ditsch shop – there are now over 200 in Germany, often located practically at train stations. And because we like to surprise our customers, our shops regularly feature new promotions – for example with special offers or new, seasonal products.

Why not pay another visit to a Ditsch shop?

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