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Which documents should I enclose with my application?

Cover letter, CV, last two school reports, work placement references (if applicable)

Do I still have to mention my parents in my CV?

Yes, if you are still a minor.

Are all traineeships offered in both plants?

Detailed information about this can be found on our website under the heading “Traineeships”.

Does Ditsch also offer work placements for schoolchildren?

Sorry, we cannot offer any work placements at present.

What does the selection procedure for traineeships involve?

For our Industrial Management Assistant traineeship, we base our decision first on an aptitude test and then a personal interview. In the case of all other traineeships, we would like to meet applicants during a work placement day, following which our decision will be made.

I have just begun my final year at school. When do I need to send you my application in order to be able to start a work placement as soon as I finish school?

You can send us your application right now. The selection procedure always starts one year beforehand. For example, if you would like to begin your traineeship on 1 August 2018, we need to receive your application no later than autumn 2017.

Who is responsible for trainees? Who can I contact if I have any questions about traineeships?

Our Personnel Department in Mainz will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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How will I know if my application has actually been received?

When you send an online application, you will automatically be e-mailed confirmation on receipt. When you send application documentation in physical form you will be sent confirmation by post, but this may take a few days.

I have not heard anything back for quite some time. How can I find out about the status of my application?

Please understand that the application procedure may take some time. It may even take up to four weeks after the application deadline indicated in the job advertisement before you hear from us. Please do not contact us by e-mail to enquire about the status of your application until this period has passed.

Is it possible to send applications after the deadline specified for a position has passed?

After the deadline has passed, you are welcome to send a speculative application for the position in question, as the active selection procedure will usually have been completed by this point.

Is it possible to apply for several positions at the same time?

Please apply for one position that appeals most to you. If, based on your qualifications, we feel that you would be suitable for other positions as well, we will automatically include you in other selection procedures.

How does the applicant procedure work at Ditsch?

Generally speaking, all applications are collected up until the indicated deadline. Any applications received by that point are then selected by our Personnel Department and passed on to the department in question. Following this, the most suitable applicants are invited for an initial interview.

Speculative applications

Is it possible to apply on spec?

Yes, you are welcome to send a speculative application. However, you should be aware that this type of application rarely results in a position being offered.

When applying on spec, is it always necessary to indicate a specific profession or area?

Yes, definitely. Although we can determine your most recent area of activity based on your CV, it is not possible for us to know what type of work you are interested in.

What should I bear in mind when applying on spec?

As with any other type of application, we would ask you to send us all the relevant documentation. However, given that these will be distributed to the relevant department, it may take some time before you hear from us.


Is it also possible for me to write my Bachelor/Master thesis at Ditsch?

Sorry, we do not have the capacity for this at present.

Is it possible to complete a work placement at Ditsch?

Sorry, we cannot offer any placements at present.

Do you also offer positions for working students?

No, unless such a position is specifically advertised.

To what address can I e-mail you my online application?

In which format should I send my application files?

Please only send documentation in PDF form.

Who can view my application documentation?

Your application will be processed first by our Personnel Department and then by the assigned person in the relevant specialist department.

How long will my data remain stored?

Only for as long as they are needed for the selection process – at the latest, they will be deleted when an application has been rejected.



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