Cream Cheese & Herb Dip vegan vegetarisch

Cream Cheese & Herb Dip

07.04.2017 / 00:00

How about something to go with your pretzel? For example a fresh dip made of low-fat curd cheese, butter, salt and a subtle blend of the finest herbs. Needless to say, this also tastes great with pretzel sticks, pretzel rolls and pretzel croissants...

Allergens: Milk, lactose
Additives: Locust bean gum, carrageenan

Nutritional values

Average nutritional values per 100 g*:


874 kJ / 210 kCal


16,5 g

of which saturates

10,9 g


2,2 g

of which sugars

1,7 g


12,7 g


1,0 g

*The nutritional values refer to the baked product